Before embarking on a discussion of the realm of Arts, I should like to remark that in speaking of Art, we are speaking of Art in the artist, in the soul and creative dynamism of the artist, or a particular energy, or viral power, which we have to consider in itself or to disengage in its nature, but which exists within man and which an uses to achieve a good work. He uses not only his hands, but that inner specific principle of activity which develops in his own soul. According to Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas, Art is a virtue – that is, an innerly developed, undeviating strength – Art is a virtue of the Practical Intellect, that particular virtue of the Practical Intellect which deals with the creation of objects to be made.

Jacques Maritan
The Responsibility of the Artist

The defining mission of The City Club is the dialogue of democracy and the belief that a city's strength is determined by many measurements; not least by it's support for cultural institutions and the arts.

In that belief we seek to highlight local artists, believing their work is worthy of members' knowledge and support.

Here are two greatly talented artists:

Alex Zenteno

Alex Zenteno is a young San Diego artist, who I met at Cafe Chloe in downtown San Diego, where he works when he is not painting.

This is how Alex describes himself: "I am a dreamer an artist and a believer of working on things that make you happy in life, ever since I can remember I've always love to draw. I started experimenting with different materials such as water color, charcoal, ink, acrylic and oil paints and I'm always looking for different techniques and also ways to make my art more interesting. My art inspiration comes from my personal experiences, travels, family and good people I've met over the years."

You can reach Alex at:

Mark Fehlman

Mark has been a friend and City Club member for a long time. He first rose to prominence as an architect, and after retiring at a young age took up painting, where his success has been extraordinary.