I first spoke to The City Club of San Diego in 1982. George Mitrovich has put together a first-rate national conference on immigration. That conference featured national leaders on the issue, people like Congressman Ron Mazzoli, Colorado Governor Dick Lamm, and California State Senator Art Torrez. The moderator of the conference was one of the giants of television journalism, Eric Sevareid, the legendary CBS correspondent.I thought this guy Mitrovich knows what he’s doing – and he does.In the intervening years I’ve been back to The City Club many times. People have a habit of doing that – returning again and again.

I’ve also found the members of The City Club to be a special group of people – intelligent, articulate, involved, and concerned about their city, their state, and this land we love.

If you were to ask me why George does these things; conduct two public forums in two cities, San Diego and Denver, and now with a third in Boston? I think there's only one answer – he has a profound and sincere belief in what he calls "The dialogue of Democracy." There's really no other answer. He sure as hell couldn’t be doing it for the money.

Having served as a United States Senator and spoken at public forums across the country, I can assure you The City Club of San Diego is one of the best. It's good for San Diego and for California, but most of all it's darn good for America.

It's a strong reminder that civil discourse still matters so very much in our country.

Alan K. Simpson
United States Senator, Wyoming (Retired)

The City Club of San Diego is a such a splendid and worthy organization, ranking right up there with the best of California's civic institutions.Over the years it has attracted from every corner of the globe an astonishing galaxy of heavyweight figures, worthies from the worlds of politics, education, literature, medicine, business, sports who might not have gone to San Diego if it weren't for the The City Club's national prestige.Think how less informed about matters of the world San Diego would be if it weren't for the activities of The City Club. Because of the City Club and those who have spoken during its remarkable run of events -- almost 800 in 28 years -- everybody knows what's what.George Plimpton
Editor, The Paris Review 
I have been a fan of The City Club since George Mitrovich organized an important national conference on immigration.I was privileged, along with others, including United States Senator Alan Simpson of Wyoming, and the legendary journalist Eric Sevareid, to participate in that gathering. The conference made a substantial contribution to our understanding of a significant public issue.I've been invited back numerous times to speak to The City Club. On each occasion I have been impressed by the desire of City Club members to explore important issues confronting America and the world beyond.George Mitrovich and The City Club of San Diego are among America's great civic treasures.

Richard D. Lamm
Governor of Colorado

 JimKennel I feel fortunate to have been introduced to George Mitrovich and The Denver Forum. That first day at the Forum I also met his guest speaker Buck O’Neil, the famed Negro League baseball player and manager who paved the way for Major League Baseball’s integration and now serves on the Hall of Fame committee. Buck told the fascinating and often hilarious history of early baseball and how it influences today’s game.

That day I realized that George Mitrovich and The Denver Forum were far from ordinary.

I have since had the pleasure of meeting national and foreign dignitaries, famous writers, State politicians and business leaders, Fortune 100 CEOs, and other Forum members who have interesting and important insights to share.

George Mitrovich’s Denver Forum is a unique and stimulating Denver institution, one with 20 years of remarkable public service to our city and state. This open and non-partisan forum exposes us to far-reaching ideas and points of view that cut across local bonds, allowing us to participate with a larger community of civic-minded leaders and innovators. Forum members are people that I am pleased to be associated with.

If you too are fascinated with the world beyond your front door, I highly recommend that you attend The Denver Forum.

Jim Kennel

President, DMX-Direct, Inc. (Retired) and sponsor of The Denver Forum

I give lectures all over the country. My experience at The City Club of San Diego was unique. The City Club brings together a diverse group of the region's most interesting and engaged people, for a brilliant combustion of ideas, passion and commitment. If you want to know what's going on, and connect with people who are changing the world, don't miss these meetings.And then of course, the chance to meet George Mitrovich, founder of The City Club of San Diego and ultimate civic man, is worth the price of admission itself.

Juliet Schor
Chair -- Department of Sociology, Boston College
Author -- "The Overworked American" and "The Overspent American"

George Mitrovich understands the importance of civic leadership and isn't afraid to practice what he preaches.In initiating The City Club of San Diego, George has created a vital conduit to healthy debate and mutual understanding on a wide range of issues. Providing a non-partisan forum for helping people understand the other side's point of view on an issue can often times be the difference that makes change possible.The City Club of San Diego is such a forum.

Tom Garfinkel
San Diego Padres

Very few organizations successfully execute on the promise of keeping people informed about the important issues of the day. The City Club of San Diego is such an organization. The City Club and its President, George Mitrovich, have demonstrated for more than 31 years the courage of providing a public forum where significant issues, issues that help define our democracy, may be discussed.George and The City Club organization are truly a blessing to our city – and stand as one of San Diego’s most valuable civic assets.Robert A. McNeely
Former Senior Vice President & Chairman, Union Bank Foundation, and member, San Diego Centre City Development Corporation