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Dedicated to the Dialogue of Democracy

A Question of Significance

Why The City Club of San Diego? Why a public forum that considers significant issues facing America and the world?

Here's one answer:

A few years back 99 percent of students polled at America's top 50 universities could identify the television cartoon characters Beavis and Butthead. Only 42 percent could identify George Washington, the first President, one of the truly key figures in American history.

If that doesn't alarm you, it should. A democratic society is no stronger than the ability of its citizens to distinguish between what's important and what's trivial, what matters and what doesn't. George Washington matters. Beavis and Butthead do not (except as a negative commentary on what a stunning wasteland contemporary television has become).

What The City Club of San Diego accomplishes, through its programs featuring nationally prominent speakers, is to get real people thinking about real issues; issues that will affect the future course of America.

If you believe the consideration of such issues is in the public interest, then The City Club of San Diego is an organization you should join.

But don't delay. Do it today.